Has the 2020 reallocation gone too far?

Points have been created out of thin air, studios are paying for the failure of bungalows and cabins with the reallocations that fails to address real demand distribution.

Why has DVCMC violated members trust and why should they be stopped?


My questions for the DVCMC Management

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

I have tried to contact DVCMC to get feedback on the issues discussed on this website but I haven't received any meaningful reply.

In one call with Members Relations, I was not given any real answer regarding the lockoff premium. They then missed the appointment they gave me for a second call scheduled to talk about the legal implications of the changes. The third and fourth attempt to contact them gave no results.

Hence the decision to publish this website, to make the issue public and try to get finally some real answers from DVCMC Management to the following questions:

Having observed room availability through the RAT tool on the website since its introduction, many members think that this reallocation doesn't make sense from a demand point of view. Would DVCMC be willing to share what they are trying to accomplish and their data supporting these goals?

Do you think that as an effect of this reallocation the number of rooms going into breakage will increase or decrease? The lockoff premium will be increased and studios are the most popular room type, more points will have to be used to book them, causing more rooms to go into breakage.

If the reallocation goal is to balance demand over the year and over room types, do you think less rooms will go into breakage?

Is DVCMC willing to share the average breakage income in the 5 years leading into 2019 and the 2020 income to demonstrate the breakage income has decreased?

Florida law states that:

"No individual timeshare unit may be counted as providing more than 365 use nights per 12-month period"

As I read it, in a points timeshare this translates into:

"no individual timeshare unit may require more points to book over 365 use nights than the amount of timeshare interest it represents"

Because of the reallocation, many Vacation Homes now cost more, over the year, than the points declared for them. Why do you think this is legal?

The Public Offering Statement (POS) states that any change to the document governing DVC has to be communicated to members. Which channels are you using? I have not received any communication, does this mean the POS hasn't changed since 2012?

Why don't you allow members easy access to these documents (i.e., an option to download them from the website)?

The Saratoga Springs Resort POS clearly states that in a reallocation:

It has to be done to balance demand over the Use Year, not for different unit types.

Points have to be moved only within a vacation home type. Points existing in a Unit cannot change. An increase in a Use Day must be balanced with a decrease in another Use Day

Those 4 points are violated by this reallocation. How do you justify it?

There is a mention in the multi site POS of a maximum possible reallocation that would level all seasons across all Use Days. That rule also states the maximum amount of points that each unit could cost. This reallocation already violates those limits for some resorts for studios. How can this be legal?

Do you think this reallocation is in the membership interest as a whole?



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